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We are a small artisan bakery, specializing in REAL FOOD, with no additives or chemicals. Wonderful favours, everything is made by hand the old fashioned way. We service the local community and send orders all over the world. We are situated in beautiful Larder Lake in Northern Ontario Canada. Our breads are simple and organic, pastries and pies, are all old traditional recipes from the British Isles. Our chef/baker is Starky, imported from Devon UK.

We hope you enjoy viewing this site and that it inspires you to eat better.

Keep it simple, fresh and organic. Make time for that meal or snack, slow down !!! why rush to your grave... Life is a journey, enjoy it !!!

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Product List and Updates


We have a photo album of all our products with descriptions, just scroll down to the bottom of the page and click..

Savoury Menu

Pies come in two sizes 4 oz and 1 lb. family size, available in shortcrust or flaky pastry.

Prices CDN $ - 4oz $4.95 1 lb. Family Size $ 14.95


  • Slow cooked Beef and Gravy
  • Steak and Kidney
  • Tender chicken with smoked ham
  • Tender chicken and Asparagus
  • Roast Pork and spiced apple
  • Pork Pie ( Melton Mowbury ) small $5.00 medium $8.50 large 12.95
  • Been hunting? have your meat sent to us and we will turn
  • it into something special
  • Venison Pie - we cook your meat any way you like it,
  • ask chef for ideas.
  • Moose Pie - we cook your meat
  • Rabbit Pie - we cook your meat
  • Cornish Pasties - Price - 4.95 each - Beef - Chicken - Pork - Cheese & Onion -

  • Lamb
Sweet Menu

Pastries and cakes - sizes - all serve 6 persons

Bakewell Tart - Buttery pastry filled with rasberry jam covered in

almond cake and toasted flaked almonds. Price $cdn - $7.00

Dundee Light Fruit Cake $9.50

Rich Dark Fruit Cake $12.00

Apple Strudel $ 7.00

Mince pies per dozen $7.00

Christmas Pudding with Brandy soaked fruits 2 lbs - starting at $12.95

Jam Roly-Poly Pudding $7.00

Spotted Dick Suet Pudding $ 7.00

Olde english Trifle serves 6 - $10.00

Christmas Cakes, various sizes to suit, and decorated to order, please call or email us

All prices are plus applicable taxes and shipping and handling


Mother nature as you can see from thie beautiful photo of the Northern Lights, below, always gets it right, and we aim to do the same. email/ phone us your order from the product list, or make a request, we will endeavour to please. Payments are by Paypal only at this time.

Check out the Product List regularly, we bake with the seasons, using fresh products only, nothing is frozen. We update and add to our lists every month.

Please note the following when ordering
1) Shipping Charges are determined by destination and the weight of the total order. Extra charges are payable for express delivery. 2) We will inform you of shipping charges in your confirmation of order. No charges will be made until you have confirmed you wish to proceed.

email us at -


 fancy some British foods, visit this website, great selection



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Additional information for all our local clients in Larder Lake

Hi "Larder Lakers", here are some special products just for you.

Your daily bread


Wholewheat l

Multi Grain


Rye & Caraway Seed

All priced at $ 2.50


Speciality Breads


Date & Walnut

Cheese & Onion



Herb & Garlic

All priced at $3.95


Remember when ordering, we deliver free in Larder Lake area, every morning, Payment is strictly C.O.D

We look forward to serving you

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